Tile Roofing

As a highly regarded local roofing company, Dave’s Roofing offers tile roof systems that are totally modified for either commercial or residential properties. As a nice-looking and practical alternative to more customary roofing applications, our certified roofing specialists are accomplished and experienced with adapting the latest tile roof designs with specialized installation techniques and competent tile roof repair.

Tile Roof System installation

An increasingly admired roofing choice for many property owners, it should be noted that tile roofing is heavier than customary roofing installations. Certified and insured Dave’s Roofing specialists provide specialized assessments to determine if your residential or commercial the building is structurally suited to maintain a tile roof installation. Right installation of a tile roof system involves more than just the application of fundamental roofing techniques and needs skilled proficiency and specialized equipment of competent and knowledgeable roofing professionals.

While clay is a substance that could be seen in the 5th century as well as the modern era, concrete is a comparatively new one – although one that’s been used for decades now. The attractiveness of the tiled roof isn’t hard to know: the pure variety of tiles makes them one of the most adaptable choices for roofing material. There’s an extensive range of shapes, colors, and styles available to prefer from. There’s a style correct for most homes and areas.